Useful Resources

There are tons of useful resources around for the Paleo cook – but these are our favourites!

Reference Posts from Us
Meal planning version 1 and version 2 – choose your style!
Cooking Tastier Meat: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
Prep Cooking, and examples of how to get yourself organised

The Paleo Story
There are loads of great blogs out there to get you started on. Mark’s Daily Apple, Whole9, Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf and Fitter Food are just a few I use on a regular basis.

Blogs and Recipes
PaleOMG – amazing recipes! Great for tasty paleo treats.
Nom Nom Paleo – again, some really spectacular recipes. I also have the iPad app which I highly recommend.
Health Bent – worth a visit if only for the best paleo recipe ever: sweet potato and bacon fries!
BBC food – might seem a bit obvious but it’s a great place to find ideas, and a good place to start for guidance on an unfamiliar ingredient.
The Kitchn – not paleo, but some great foodie tips and ideas.
Elana’s Pantry – this is a great website for gluten free recipes that translate well into paleo.
Not Just a Man’s World – Ammi talks about some cool stuff and posts some great recipes, I found one for banana bread that I bake all the time!
Primal Britain – a great UK based blog with some fantastic recipes, plus a whole lot of other useful information.
Cucina Ceri – Ceri also lives in London and has some awesome recipes on her blog, definitely worth checking out!

There are a tonne of great paleo podcasts out there. The ones I listen to regularly are Fitter Food, Robb Wolf and Chris Kresser.

Supermarkets – I do a mix of shopping local and shopping supermarkets. I use Sainsbury’s because it’s local or Waitrose when I’m near one.
Meat box schemes – there are loads of these offering exceedingly high quality, grass-fed meat. Green Pastures, Field and Flower, Paleo Nutrition Wales and Devon Rose are a few I’ve used before. I love getting a meat box, because it makes me cook things I wouldn’t usually think of.
Veg box schemes  – again there are loads of these around. I use Kent Veg Box at the moment because they’re uber local to me and only sell Kent veg (so nothing imported). Abel & Cole and Riverford are both big players in the veg box scheme.
Farmers Markets – I shop at my local farmer’s market as often as I can. You can ask the farmers about their produce – how it’s grown or reared and so on. It’s a great way to build a rapport with the people who actually produce the food you’re eating. The website link is a good place to help you locate markets around London.
As Nature Intended – great for coconut oil, flour, flakes etc., so see if one of their branches is near you. A bit pricey at times though.
Whole Foods – as above! Definitely worth a visit to the Kensington High Street branch at some point.
Ethnic Shops – these are great for more obscure ingredients (like tamarind!).
Borough Market – for amazing meat, fish and veg. Just steer clear of the giant stack of brownies.
Amazon – for things like coconut flour, tapioca flour and coconut milk in bulk.

Whilst the Internet does probably have everything you need, there are still a few books I can’t do without…
Nom Nom Paleo Melissa Tam is an inspiring cook who got me into using the Instant Pot and slow cooker!
Well Fed 1 and 2 
The genius that is Melissa Joulwan who really got me going for Whole30 cooking.
The River Cottage Meat Book A great reference book for meat
McGee on Food & Cooking Quite intense science, but fantastic if you want to understand what’s happening to your food when you cook. The meat chapter is fascinating!
The Art of Fermentation The bible on fermenting by Sandor Katz
The Flavor Bible Tells you how to combine flavours – what goes with what



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  2. carolinesays1 · · Reply

    Good call on the ethnic shops – love getting cheap ingredients there (like bags and bags of coconut powder for my coconut banana pancakes)!

  3. Really usefull tips. I would add Paleo Granola for pre-maid meals section.

  4. Amaka · · Reply

    Greatly composed! Defo going to try the Paleo diet and you’ve helped a novice out. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Hope it goes well! Tasha

  5. Hi Tasha

    First, I love your work—we need more people like you changing the way we think about food!

    I also want to let you know my new book just came out… I think you’ll find it pretty interesting. Primal Fat Burner is for anyone who thinks, just maybe, something is wrong with our food supply and wants to reclaim their health.

    I’d love to send you a personally signed copy to hear what you think–just send me a shipping address and I will promptly ship you your copy!



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