Eating Out

You’ll notice the list below is a) a very small proportion of the possibilities available and b) geographically biased towards Central & South London. I will be updating this page as I find new and hidden gems so this page will constantly be evolving. If you’ve tried somewhere that you think I should be sharing with the Paleo community, please let me know.

The list is in 4 sections: places that are great to grab a quick lunch on the go, markets and food stalls, somewhere for a standard meal out, and finally the posh places for special occasions.

If there’s a star (*) beside a name, it means I haven’t got round to visiting myself, but I’ve heard good things!

Quick Grab & Go Lunch Ideas:

  • Pret A Manger:  If you are in central London, you will have one of these incredibly close to you at all times. They have a couple of paleo-friendly salad options, boiled egg and spinach snack pots, a few fruit pots and some good bags of snacking fruit/nuts. They even have kale and root veg crisps, if you are craving the crunch. A fantastic standby!
  • Leon: Again, a few of these about. We’ve written a full review here, but overall some tasty hot lunch options. Not bad for dinner too, as some do table service after 6pm and you can select your own meal components.
  • Chilango, Tortilla and other Mexican options: Go for the salad instead of a burrito, resist the tortilla chips, refuse the cheese and sour cream and you’ve got a tasty meal of veggies, slow-cooked meat and some guacamole. Perfect!
  • Pod: Their Protein Box, Chicken/Salmon and Avocado Box and Chicken/Salmon nori wraps are fantastic. Full review here!
  • Vital Ingredient: I’m sure there are tons of similar places too, but great because you can pick exactly what you want, and can even just have a plain olive oil dressing.
  • Eat – few paleo-friendly options but if you are more Perfect Health Diet and you eat rice and dairy then there are plenty of options here, although their website is surprisingly reticent about their ingredients.
  • Supermarkets: Completed salads usually aren’t do-able, but you can create your own with a plain salad bowl and some cooked meat or canned fish. I always have a small bottle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some flavoured salt for emergency purposes. This is a cheap option.

Local Markets and Food Stalls: These often have hidden gems of delicious and cheap paleo friendly food.

Standard Meal Out Options:

  • NandosAll Over: A bit obvious this one, but we thought we couldn’t fail to mention it! Half a chicken with ratatouille please…
  • Byron, GBK, Haché etc – All Over:  Burger specialists, but all have great bunless options and lots of flexibility with toppings and extras. I love the chargrilled chicken breast in GBK (with avocado and bacon!) and Haché do the most spectacular sweet potato fries.
  • Cattle Grid – South West: Again they do burgers, but also spectacular steaks, wings and ribs. And as if that wasn’t enough, they deliver!
  • The Fish Club* – South West: More sweet potato chips. I’m a little bit ashamed that I only found that out today and haven’t been. Must do so very soon!
  • Fish!Central & South West: We like them, but when we take our partners they complain about small portions…
  • Bodeans, Pitt Cue Co, Low Country and so on: All Over: We’ve put these BBQ places in because they’re meat based and we love them, but unfortunately they aren’t quite Paleo. Barbecue is delicious but always has sugar in the sauce. It’s up to you whether you can occasionally ignore it or not, or are happy to go for the plainer options
  • Le Mercury* – North East: Again we haven’t visited yet, but they get top marks for being very flexible and accommodating.
  • Abbeville Kitchen – South West: They serve massive pieces of meat for sharing. What more could you want?!
  • As a general rule – Turkish, Middle Eastern & Mexican tend to be a bit easier with lots of meat & salad options, and Italian, Thai and Chinese are more challenging, with lots of grains or sugary sauces.

Special Occasions: I find this one a bit easier. Typically somewhere more premium will always cook to order (or at least the meat aspect) and have separate components, so have no reason not to be flexible with your requests. So make sure you ask for what you want, have a quick look at the menu beforehand to make sure its not completely infeasible, and if in doubt give them a call and double check they’re happy to make changes for you. Here are some suggestions…

    • Hawksmoor – if you haven’t been here, you really should. It’s amazing. It’s one of those places where you could easily eat your entire meal in silence because nothing you have to say could ever be worth removing focus from the spectacular piece of beef in front of you. Just go.
    • Similar to the above: Goodman,  Gaucho, Various offerings from Mark Hix.


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  2. Hey guys. One to add.Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa in St Paul’s. A carnivors dream. Huge main focus on smoked meats and chargrilled steaks. It’s a must!

  3. Ooh and I forgot to mention they have their own butchery underneath the restaurant with Jamie’s free range/organic ethos in place. I’ve had some incredible cuts from them.

    1. Good thinking, I keep getting recommendations for that place! Must give it a go sometime….

  4. Does any of them do paleo desserts?

    1. Hi there, first of all sorry for the late response. We’re not aware of any restaurants at the moment that do paleo desserts. Most of the places on our Eating Out list are normal restaurants where you can get paleo options. Hope that helps.

  5. WendyGal · · Reply

    Spending 4 days in London. Was concerned it would be all clotted cream and sausage. Thank you for the helpful hints for where to eat.I’m looking forward to Turkish food and grass fed burgers.

  6. Shane · · Reply

    Thank you very much for putting this list together. Im new to Paleo and this type of info/direction was exactly was i was looking for.

    Also you have given me an idea for where to go for my birthday (Hawksmoor). I previously enjoyed Gaucho but had a bad experience customer service wise so im happy that you guys have suggested an alternative #ThumpsUpFromMe 🙂

  7. Pure Taste Restaurant!!

  8. Add a lunch bar called Chop ‘d. I’m lucky enough to have one right by my office in st Pauls. They make fresh, healthy salads with the option of adding sauce.. so like me if you have tour salad without sauce then this is a great place. They also do Jerk Chicken protein pots! What’s not to like!

    1. That sounds awesome, will definitely check it out. I’m planning to update this page over the next couple of weeks, so much has changed over the past few years!

  9. Robin Pooley · · Reply

    I have been Paleo for about eight weeks.
    Most of my meals have been prepared at home by myself as the chef.
    However on the odd occasion I have had to eat out I have had no trouble in getting a Paleo friendly meal.
    The fare and square restaurant chain are good, I ordered a salad with side order of fried sweet potato chips various meats and fish to choose from.
    The other was a normal pub where I ordered lamb steaks with no potatoes and plenty if veg.
    I guess most pubs will accommodate if you ask

    1. Yes, I agree, things are getting easier and easier and restaurants usually don’t bat an eyelid when you ask to substitute. If you’re not too sensitive to allergens and you’re quite flexible then it’s quite easy.

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