Time for the next installment in Sue’s Whole30 journey! Back in my stride with this second Whole 30!  Have stopped feeling deprived and have my sights on the end goal once again. This week has thrown several social events at me – a family night out, a meal out and a night at the cinema.  […]

It’s Friday! That mean’s it’s time for an update on Sue’s Whole30 journey. She’s going strong… So! End of Week 1 of my second Whole30. I need to start by saying that I have noticed a relaxation in my adherence to the plan this time around. That is not to say that I have “cheated” […]

Some of the most important things I’ve learnt on the Natural Chef course have come from the simplest recipes. The idea of flattening poultry or pork to make it go further and cook quickly isn’t revolutionary, but it’s a great technique to have up your sleeve to turn what is otherwise one of my most […]

You may not have noticed this but last week I celebrated 1 whole year of posting on this blog. Woo! I marked it by updating and reposting the recipe that first led me to this blog when it was being looked after by Alicia and Arifa – Coconut Fruit and Nut Bars. If you struggle with elevenses […]

About a week ago a reader got in touch with me asking for advice on her second Whole30. She’d done a successful one in February and desperately wanted to do another but somehow just couldn’t get the motivation up. I know EXACTLY how she felt – you’d think that having done the first one, doing a second would be a no-brainer. […]

    Generally, I don’t bake. It wasn’t always like this; growing up I was always the one whipping up biscuits and cakes for teatime. I LOVED chocolate. I still do in fact, in small, very dark quantities (with the occasional Kinder Bueno aberration…). But since going Paleo I’ve stopped baking. It’s largely because I […]

I used to love the Italian meatball soup from Pret. I was always excited on a work day when I searched the Pret soups to see what was on the menu for that day and found it was a meatball soup day. I was fully aware that the meatballs had breadcrumbs in them but they […]