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Five Things I Learnt At Grub Kitchen

I recently spent 10 days in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, while doing an internship at Grub Kitchen as the final part of my Natural Chef course. I didn’t have to go to the other end of the country – I could have stayed in London and commuted from home. But I’m stubborn like that – going […]

The CNM Natural Chef – The End (Almost)

It’s been a Very Long Time since I updated this blog. I’ve been entirely preoccupied working towards assignments for Nutrition and the Natural Chef course, and then working on exam preparation for both too. Unfortunately, my time management and organisation skills still leave a lot to be desired, although if I look back on the […]

What Have I Been Up To This Month?

What has excited me? Since attending HEALTH Unplugged last year I’ve become more and more interested in sustainable farming and ethical meat eating. I’ve been copyediting some articles for the Primal Eye and one of my favourite writers is Caroline Watson, who writes about sustainability and ethical farming. Her articles are always the ones that […]

Top Five Things I’ve Learnt Since Going Solo

It’s been exactly six months since I posted what remains my most commented-upon article – the one I wrote on the first Monday after I left my job. I took the fact that the many comments and Facebook ‘likes’ were a sign that there were a great deal of people out there who were very […]

How to Paleo in London

The spike in the traffic through this blog over the past month shows that interest in Paleo is continuing, despite the best efforts of the media, NHS and vegans. Having done a blog post on how to Whole30, I thought it would be sensible to go a little more basic and write about what Paleo actually […]

How to Whole30 in the UK

Are you thinking of doing a Whole30 this January? Good on you – I highly recommend it. I’ve done four and a half Whole30s now – half because I started one in September this year and realised that I didn’t really need it – I was pretty much eating a version of Whole30 most of the […]

MY Version of Paleo: Part II

I can’t believe I’m writing another post on my version of Paleo, just 4 months after the last one. It’s not that anything has particularly changed, it’s just that I feel that I need to explain and further justify a few things. You see, since that post, my life has changed a bit, and with […]