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Lamb’s Heart Tagine with Okra and Feta

It’s no secret that I champion using offal in everyday cooking. I’m a bit of a hypocrite though, because I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should. Part of the problem is that I don’t have access to a butcher near where I live so I either have to rely on the […]

Lamb and Pistachio Kofta and Broccoli Tabouleh

I really love minced meat. It’s so versatile, and so quick to cook. I always like to have mince meat of some animal or another in the freezer so I can make a big batch of chilli, bolognese, meatballs or burgers to keep in the fridge for emergency meals. The main issue with Paleo meatballs is […]

Halloumi and Fritter Brunch Stack

My favourite brunch from my favourite cafe, Milk, in Balham is Sweet Maria – a couple of sweetcorn fritters with grilled halloumi, smashed avo, kasundi (an Indian tomato relish) and lime, with optional bacon (when is bacon ever optional?). Every time I go I promise myself I’ll try something else (their crumpets with goat’s curd and honeycomb is […]

Paleo Gado Gado

Tempeh is a fermented soya bean cake originating from Indonesia and is a food I grew up with – one of my favourite childhood dishes in Malaysia was deep fried tempeh and ikan bilis (a tiny salted anchovy), mixed together in a sweet stick chilly sauce – and I was so surprised to see it […]

Rodi’s Rendang

I hosted my first ever Paleo supper club on Saturday. Yay! It was quite an experience…I spent weeks practising, trialling, shopping, preparing, practising again, trialling again, cooking. I learnt a heck of a lot though. To start with, cooking for paying customers is very different from cooking for friends and family. You have to put a […]

Smoky Aubergine and Tomato Soup with Tahini Drizzle and Sumac Sprinkle

Last week we had to do our first ever proper homework for The Natural Chef course. I spent the first ten minutes happily pottering away chopping vegetables and so on before I suddenly became wracked with guilt – I should be doing something WAY more productive, shouldn’t I? I had to remind myself, almost out loud, […]

Roast Beef with Mushroom & Onion Gravy, Roasted Cauliflower, Bone Marrow & Greens

A couple of weeks ago we had pork, and now we’re on to beef. Once again there’s a full complement of paleo sides to go with it, but do feel free to pick and choose as you see fit! I think I might also have discovered through developing this recipe that roasted cauliflower is one […]