The Whole30: A Readers Story Week 3 and 4

I was away at the weekend when the next instalment of Sue’s Whole30 journey was sent to me so I’ve decided to roll the final two weeks into one…so here’s how things went over the last few weeks for Sue.

I had the day off work and we went to York for the day.  My husband had the day off too.  The weather was superb which is always a bonus.  The following is going to sound like a complete excuse…but……… this is my second Whole30 I convinced myself that a piece of cake was ok on my birthday. This would NOT have happened on the first one when I resisted all temptation for 30 days with no let up whatsoever. However, this blog series is all about being honest so I decided to confess. You may by surprised or even disappointed to learn that not one drop of alcohol passed my lips! I know – unheard of – right???  I did thoroughly enjoy the day though and loved all the cards and gifts I was lucky to receive. For me, birthdays are always time to reflect, and this was no exception. Time to work out if I know what I want for the future.
One thing I can tell you all without a moment’s hesitation is that the Whole30, and this way of eating is something that I now consider to be permanent.  OK, there will be times when I decide to go off piste, but the core principles of Whole 30 or the Paleo eating plan will remain with me. I don’t miss some of the things that used to form my staple diet and haven’t even thought of buying bread, or bread products since the 1 February when I started my first Whole 30. I have noticed that I do not feel hungry between meals any more. This must be because of the food I am eating at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I have never really been a snacker, but the urge to do so has reduced massively. People at work have got used to my naked teas and coffee with no milk!  They were all pulling faces at first, but they now realise that I meant business when I asked them not to add it in to my drink when it was their turn to make the drinks.
More people have commented on the fact that I have lost weight. This is always gratifying. The fact that I can now wear all the clothes in my wardrobe as opposed to just half of them is a huge reward for me. I feel so much better now that I am down to the weight that is healthy for my 5ft 3ins frame! Weigh in day for this second Whole30 is Wednesday 25 May, and I will keep you posted on how it’s gone on that front.
One thing I intend to do when I next have occasion to visit my GP is to ask for a cholesterol test. I have familial high cholesterol levels – my Mum and two sisters have had high cholesterol, despite very healthy diets and I have been told that diet alone cannot always reduced these levels. Because I have moved away from all “low fat” and 0% fat products and have been using coconut oil for all my cooking, it would be interesting to see if my cholesterol count has changed.
All in all, a good week and here’s to many more weeks/months/years of clean eating!

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