The Whole30: A Reader’s Story Week 2

Time for the next installment in Sue’s Whole30 journey!

Back in my stride with this second Whole 30!  Have stopped feeling deprived and have my sights on the end goal once again. This week has thrown several social events at me – a family night out, a meal out and a night at the cinema.  The family night out involved alcohol and I knew that this would not be in small amounts by the end of the night, so I offered to drive.  This then made the decision of drinking/no drinking for me!  I have to say that I didn’t really feel out of the loop, and that clear head the next morning made me feel quite superior. This will not happen after this Whole30 but I DO find, now that I eat this way, that I see alcohol as much more of a toxin than I used to and truly hate the hangover when it arrives.

The meal out – I just chose a place where I knew I could eat cleanly – and had a steak with a jacket potato and lots of sides that were Whole 30 compliant and not boring – such as homemade coleslaw (asked the waiter), sugar snap peas and carrots cooked in olive oil and sprinkled with garlic and ginger!

The cinema!!! This was my hardest challenge!  Cinema and pick’n’mix always go together in my book and so watching my husband eat his own body weight in chocolate and other goodies almost drove me crazy.  If ever I was going to give in this week, this was it, but I didn’t.  Go me!
I have made sweet potato cakes with green and red pepper, peas and mint to go with some salmon steaks I bought from the fishmonger. They were delicious!  I actually had three of them with my meal and this was actually too much.  I will make these again, for sure.
It is my birthday next week! Eeek!!  I am out with family on Sat night for an early celebration to an Italian Restaurant.  Wish me luck…………………
Oh, and one confession. The scales are in the bathroom and I had a sneaky peak.  Not allowed and I should not have done it.

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