The Whole30: A Reader’s Story Week 1

It’s Friday! That mean’s it’s time for an update on Sue’s Whole30 journey. She’s going strong…

So! End of Week 1 of my second Whole30. I need to start by saying that I have noticed a relaxation in my adherence to the plan this time around. That is not to say that I have “cheated” myself.  It’s been in the little things (isn’t it always!) such as the occasional milk in my tea. Having discerned that dairy was not a particular issue for me, at the end of the first Whole30, I have allowed myself that little exception this time. This last week has unfortunately been punctuated by a shoulder problem (rotator cuff to be technical) and a migraine. Neither were welcome. I have not however, given in to any “rewards” or comfort foods – that is something that is much, much better after my first Whole30. I would previously have decided that if I felt ill, then the very least I was entitled to was half a kilo of chocolate – right? Well, no actually. This is not to say that the world of chocolate is now a forbidden land (that will NEVER happen), but given my slightly addictive personality then in a bad mood I can devour serious amounts of chocolate in a very short space of time. It might feel sooooo good at the time, but the fall from that sugar mountain can make my head spin!

I need to be more imaginative in my food planning. Yes, I have meat, fish, loads of veg, fruit, coconut oil, nuts etc… but WHAT to do with them instead of the same old, same old. I have printed off some fab looking recipes from the London Paleo Kitchen and intend to try them this next week. I still struggle with breakfasts – I just don’t always fancy eggs first thing in the morning, nor bacon for that matter. Maybe I will try some sweet potato cakes if I can find the time to make these after work one evening.

Getting more than my fair share of exercise, thanks to our 18-week-old English Springer Spaniel – Bella. This dog never gets tired. She could do a marathon a day. Sadly I can’t, but my Fitbit praises me every day for the amount of my steps!! It is a real motivater to be fair.

Whole30 dog

Please let this be the beginning of Spring!! We’re all ready for a bit of warmth and sunshine. I’ve got the tee-shirt and shorts ready and am looking forward to some sunny walks with the pooch instead of the wellies!


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