The Whole30: A Reader’s Story

About a week ago a reader got in touch with me asking for advice on her second Whole30. She’d done a successful one in February and desperately wanted to do another but somehow just couldn’t get the motivation up. I know EXACTLY how she felt – you’d think that having done the first one, doing a second would be a no-brainer. But in fact doing a Whole30 takes a whole lot of effort, and the memory of how long 30 days actually is makes the whole process of doing it again just…tiring. January/February is a fantastic time to do a Whole30 because everyone spends more time indoors, there’s less socialising, many people are on a health kick after Christmas. But now that the sun’s out and the days are longer, being on a difficult dietary regime is a lot less appealing.

So I knew where she was coming from, and when she asked if I had any tips and whether I’d be willing to be on the other side of a line or two once a week to keep her motivated, I knew what she needed – accountability. So I went one step further…I offered her some space here, once a week, to write about her progress. Now how’s that for accountability?

Over to you, Sue.

Day 0

A very close friend living in Ireland did the Whole30 last year and when I saw her after she had completed it, I could not believe how well and energised she looked.  I swear she looked 10 years younger. She lost just over a stone in the 30 days and this had such an impact on me that I vowed I would do in at some point in the future.

I am in the menopause and it seemed like common sense to regulate my hormones if at all possible, and this was one of the reasons I was attracted to the plan.

It took until February of this year for me to start mine, but when I did, I did it 100%, through many social events, such as a 50th, a wedding, a family party and my father-in-law’s 70th!!! I lost 10lbs during the 30 days and felt amazing.

Staying healthy is my number 1 priority. I have a wonderful husband and two equally wonderful grownup daughters.  My aim is to be fit and healthy for as long as humanly possible.  If I can play my part in maintaining my digestive well-being then I’m up for it.  I really feel uncomfortable with all the unnecessary ingredients we see in food and it’s important for me to provide nutritious meals for all the family and not just me. Both of my daughters have left home to pursue careers but visit regularly and my influence during my first Whole30 has rubbed off on them. My youngest has just done her first one (albeit with blips for social occasions) but has taken so much from it and I’m very pleased about that. My eldest has to be careful because of her IBS and she too, has been casting an eye over the Whole30 programme.  It’s onwards and upwards now as I start my second Whole30. Here’s hoping it’s as successful as the first!!


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