Review: Ape Snacks


As I mentioned in my How to Whole30 post, you’re not really supposed to snack on the Whole30. Although I’ve never been much a snacker I felt hungry a lot of the time during my first Whole30 and did find myself wanting a snack. Looking back now I don’t think I was really eating enough for breakfast and lunch; certainly not enough protein! But I was also thinking about food a lot, because there are just so many rules, and plus I was getting used to being so strict on myself. I found that working out the texture of the food I was craving and then replacing it with a compliant snack was useful. One of my favourite snacks was crunchy coconut chips as a replacement for crisps, which I made following the recipe from Melissa Joulwan – toast them in an oven and sprinkle with salt and cinnamon; you can make up a big batch and keep them in an airtight container or jar.

This was 2 years ago, when Whole30 compliant snacks in shops were almost non-existent. But now, enter Ape Snacks. These are exactly what I’ve described above – little curls of coconut chips, perfectly portioned into a single snack pack. I was sent a a few packs to try out with a view to review, should I decide it was right for my readers. To be honest, though, I knew I would review them, because I’d tried them before, I’ve met Zack and I think they’re awesome.

They come in two flavours at the moment – lightly salted and lightly peppered. I personally prefer the salted ones as I think the pepper flavour doesn’t work brilliantly with the naturally sweet coconut whereas the salt serves to bring out that sweet flavour. The website cryptically suggests a new flavour is being launched soon and I really hope it’s cinnamon – that’s what I used to flavour mine, and it is apparently the flavour that inspired the whole enterprise anyway. Besides, cinnamon is a sweet spice and naturally works well with coconut, with the added bonus of chromium to help with insulin balance.

The coconuts used are sourced from Thailand, and although their mascot is a monkey, they are careful to source coconuts from plantations that do not use monkeys to pick the coconuts. The coconut flesh is shaved into curls, toasted and flavoured on site, before being shipped to the UK. They are thicker than the raw chips I’ve used to toast myself which is good because you get more of a crunch.

The major downside to these are that they are a bit expensive – £1 a packet which is quite pricey for the amount of chips you get in there, although in fairness it’s probably a sensible portion size, and being high in good quality saturated fat, it is about the right amount to take the edge off the hunger. For my budget, though, it is too much for regular consumption, especially when it can easily made at home. However, it is a lovely treat when out and about unprepared for sudden hunger and a better choice than date and nut bars which are often very sweet. Currently it’s stocked at As Nature Intended, Planet Organic, Nourish, Revital and Morrisons. Let’s hope they can roll it out to even more mainstream supermarkets so that a quick coconut snack is just around the corner at anytime.

Many thanks to Ape Snacks for sending me the coconut curls to taste. I was not obliged to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.


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