Paleo Friendly Eating – Naytures Intent

20150424_125057I was pleasantly surprised one day while wandering down Leather Lane market on a busy Friday lunchtime to stumble upon Naytures Intent blackboard. I thought Feed Me Primal was the ONLY paleo-friendly food stall in London; clearly I was wrong. Having dismissed all the other food stalls along the road for not being paleo-friendly I obviously had to give this one a try.

It was a bit hectic and it wasn’t obvious where the queue was so I dived in (probably queue-jumped by accident) and asked the man “What have you got on offer today?” At this point I stopped listening; I have the attention span of a goldfish. He must have gone on to describe his menu, and I fell back on my usual disarming question “What’s your favourite?” He told me and I said “Well, I’d better have that. Gluten-free please!” Now unfortunately, dear reader, I have absolutely no idea what he said, so I don’t really know what I ate. It was a burger of some sort. And it was pale in colour. By process of elimination (Ostrich/Wild Boar/Venison, according to the blackboard), it was probably Wild Boar. It came tucked between two leaves of iceberg lettuce with some red cabbage slaw and sweet potato chips. Buried underneath everything was a squirt each of homemade mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

20150424_130448I was pretty impressed with the food, and more so when I saw that they offer different options each day of the week and their
menu changes monthly, which is awesome if you like variety. I’m indecisive so the choice is a bit overwhelming, but I guess it’s a good way to get people to keep coming back! Everything on their online menu is labelled gluten-free and wheat-free and they offer paleo options every day, and they promise not to use refined sugar. I didn’t try it but I’m sure the guys manning the stall would be happy to explain the ingredients. It was a bit hectic though, so if you want a proper chat I suggest going early in the day. I was really impressed with the website, and I love the sound of the food on their menu, especially as they offer a fish option every day – and not just any fish either; sardines and tilapia make an appearance this month – so there’s no excuse to dodge your omega 3s. Friday is ‘cheat’ day, in that they offer burgers in a wholemeal or brioche bun, but they still offer the option of going bunless and they do an amazing sounding fish coated in flax and chia seeds with sweet potato chips.

20150424_125104They have a loyalty card which you get stamped each time you go; after 6 stamps you get a free lunch! Moreover, if you sign up for their newsletter and like them on Facebook, you could be in with a chance to win free lunch for a week.

It’s a bit too far for me to walk to from the office too often for lunch, although that would keep my FitBit happy, not to mention my belly! Judging by the number of likes I got on my post about this on the Paleo-UK Facebook page (51 and counting!), this is a much-needed stall so, dodgy lack of apostrophe and spelling aside, I can only wish them the best and I hope they open a second stall soon (closer to my work, please!).


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