Farewells and new beginnings!

Sadly, Alicia and I haven’t had the time to return to blogging as we’d hoped. For the last few months we’ve been thinking long and hard about what we’d like to happen to London Paleo Kitchen. We have some very fond memories of creating the blog and we haven’t forgotten our aspirations for it, so after a lot of thought we decided to see if we could find someone to take it over who would be able to give it the time and love it (and obviously all of its followers!) deserves.

So although we’re sad to say goodbye from both of us, we’re absolutely delighted to introduce you to our lovely friend Tasha. We’re going to leave it to Tasha to tell you all about herself and what she hopes to do with London Paleo Kitchen. Alicia and I would just like to say a massive thank you for all your support, you’ve been absolutely amazing and we really hope we’ve helped some of you along the way.

We think Tasha will be awesome and wish her the very best, and we hope you’ll show her the same support you’ve shown us.

Thanks again, farewell for now, and enjoy the new London Paleo Kitchen! xx


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