Chocolate Espresso Truffles

Ok, so this isn’t strictly paleo. Chocolate, even at 85%, is not paleo. It’s got sugar in. I don’t care. This is one of those better-rather-than-best options: better than shovelling in the Ben & Jerry’s, not as a good as eating an apple. You can’t win them all.

This is a very serious, not for kids sort of truffle. They’re quite bitter, hardly sweet at all and have a very intense chocolate  and coffee flavour. I love them, but be prepared!

There are a lot of ‘paleo’ chocolate truffle recipes out there and this is a combination of a few of them, with a few tweaks. Mainly because I tend to find them a bit impractical in volume – they usually use 3 bars of chocolate and make about 40 truffles which would have me eating them for weeks and weeks. I usually just want one or two (maybe three…) to eat after dinner. Also they all call for coconut milk, which in the tiny volumes I wanted would mean opening a can and only using a couple of teaspoons. I hate that.

Ingredients makes 12-14 trufflesIMG_0913

  • 60g dark chocolate. I used 85%, you can use whatever makes you happy but I suggest keeping it at a fairly high percentage
  • 1 heaped tsp coconut oil
  • 1 strong, hot espresso. About 60ml. If you don’t have any way to make one, you could probably get away with some other coffee as long as it was really strong.
  • Ground hazelnuts to cover (you can also use any other type of ground nut, or toasted desiccated coconut). Traditionally you’d often cover truffles in cocoa powder but I think you need something to step away from the bitter flavour for these – you’ve got enough of that already! A nutty flavour helps to add something a bit different and a little bit of texture.

Finely chop your chocolate and put in a small, microwaveable bowl. Add your coconut oil. Throw on your espresso and stir gently, allowing the heat of the coffee to melt the chocolate and the oil. I was a bit nervous about this the first time and thought everything might split, but it seems to be ok! If it’s not enough to melt the chocolate, microwave at a medium temperature briefly (or place in a bain marie) to heat through a bit more. Just be really careful and gentle – if you overheat or stir too aggressively then you’ll end up with burnt, split or grainy chocolate. Not good.

When smooth and melted, allow to cool to room temperature and place in the fridge for 3-4 hours to set. When firm but not too solid, take out small spoons of mixture and using your hands, gently roll into small balls. Aim for about 12-14 truffles, about 2/3 teaspoon each. Roll in your ground hazelnuts (or whatever you choose to cover them in). Store in the fridge until you’re ready to eat!




  1. Not for children? Try telling mine, would you?!

  2. Perfectly Paleo · · Reply

    Wow those look delicious! Will definitely be trying those out!

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