2013 – What Happened?

All the cool kids seem to be doing some kind of year review at the moment, and I didn’t want us to be left out. So in a quick snapshot, here’s a quick run down of how we spent our 2013…

…Neither of us blogged very much, but despite this the number of people visiting our site has shot up. We both became very busy around spring (I’ll talk about that later) and had other things to focus on, but whilst we’ve not managed to post as much as we’d have liked we still seem to have kept things just about ticking over. A big apology to anyone who’s emailed us and not had a response (yet!). It’s amazing to see the number of you visiting us grow and grow regardless of this – so thank you all for coming to see us and I hope you’ve found some inspiration for dinner along the way.

…When we have posted, we’ve strayed away from a sole focus on recipes into other things. We’ve posted a series of interviews so you can have a nosey into what everyone else is eating, published our super-popular guide to eating out whilst not blowing all your paleo principles, and I’ve recently start mumbling on about the sciencey meat stuff. We hope you’ve enjoyed them all!

…Despite a move to other content, we’ve managed to establish some firm favourites amongst our recipe list. Your top 5, by views, for 2013 were:

  1. Make Your Own Coconut Yogurt
  2. Wholegrain Mustard Salad Dressing
  3. Sweet Potato & Tuna Cakes
  4. Orange & Balsamic Roasted Duck Legs
  5. Butternut Squash, Coconut & Ginger Cake

Those things keeping us busy?

giant cushions

…I (Alicia) bought a 3 bed victorian terraced house about 5 minutes away from Arifa and became completely obsessed with DIY, interiors and my new kitten. We were fairly lucky in that we didn’t have anything serious to get done, so everything has been largely cosmetic and we’ve done everything ourselves aside from the bathroom roof. Since moving in June we’ve repainted our living and dining rooms, the hallway and stairs and our bedroom; revamped several pieces of furniture that were in desperate need of a bit of love; sanded all the floors in the downstairs rooms; done a ton of weeding in the garden and started our massive compost heap for next year and done a million other tiny bits and pieces (I am particularly proud of my giant knitted floor cushions). It’s been so much fun and I’m looking forward to finishing off everything else this year!

…Arifa had an adorable baby boy about 10 days after she and her husband helped us move house. She’s finding being a mum has unsurprisingly led to some very big changes to her schedule so doesn’t have quite so much time to write blog updates, but is very much enjoying spending the time with her little one instead.


…Both of us are of course still Crossfitting at Central London, although not quite as obsessively as we once did: we have less time to compare back squats these days! However both of us are still spending a lot of time exercising. Arifa is using a gym closer to home to get her workouts done, and I’m focussing a bit more on weightlifting in the hope I’ll one day get a slightly more reasonable snatch.

Other goings on…

The lovely Jess that we work out with at CFCL has started a fantastic site over at Ladies Who Lift – go have a look! You may even see a familiar face in one of the interviews…

Our friend Ceri has rebranded as Natural Kitchen Adventures and continues to post amazingly delicious recipes. She always inspires us to get into the kitchen to try something new!

…And that just about sums up where we are. We’re looking forward to sharing some new recipes with you in 2014!


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  1. Aw miss you guys. So great that the blog still exists despite all your life changes – so exciting for you both! Thanks for the mention above. Looking forward to catching up some time in 2014!!

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