Update – we’re back!

Hello! Did you miss us? We’ve seen from our stats that a lot of you are still visiting, and we’re getting a lot of new likes and twitterers. So a big thank you for not forgetting us and hello to all out new followers!

After a couple of months of having serious life things to sort out, things are settling down a bit…

…Alicia moved house, did a lot of painting and got a very adorable kitten. His name is Stanley and he’s bouncy and fun (especially at 3am!) and we love him a lot. There’s even a photo for you, because everyone loves a kitten photo!

…Arifa had a slightly more exciting (although equally persistent at 3am) arrival, and had a beautiful baby boy just over 2 weeks ago. She’s currently not sure how recipe development and blogging will fit in with his schedule, so be patient with her!

…We’ve been enjoying the sunshine in the last couple of weeks, and if we finally get ourselves together you may even see some new summer recipes coming along. For the meantime, a few summer favourites from our archives to inspire your summer cooking are peach lemonade, coconut ice lollies and tasty sage & onion burgers for the BBQ. Do you have any favourite summer recipes we should try?

Have a brilliant sunny weekend!




  1. Hello – welcome back!!! AND massive congratulations to Arifa on the little boy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Arifa · · Reply

    Thank you Ceri! He’s quite demanding but utterly adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

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