Cold Drinks for Hot Days

My god it’s hot around here. Not that I’m complaining – this weather is making my exceptionally happy and I am really enjoying being able to sit outside in the sunshine (which I am doing right now, woohoo!). However, if you’re anything like me you’ll find that after a while, you just fancy drinking something a bit more fun than water. This post should give you a few ideas – nothing too crazy, and no actual recipes. More a few ideas to give you some inspiration…

Flavoured Water
Almost water, but not quite. At its most basic this is just a glass of water with a few slices of lemon and a couple of ice cubes, but the concept can deliver a lot more if you want it to. Process is simple – take water, add flavourings (typically fruit & herbs). You can make a big jug or just have a few bits and pieces in the water bottle you refill during the day. Obviously the longer you let it stand before drinking the more flavour you’ll get out, but even a subtle hint of something can be quite nice and refreshing.

My personal favourites are cucumber & lime (pictured) and raspberry & mint – and if you’re looking for a few more ideas, visit 52 Kitchen Adventures for a whole heap of inspiration!

Cold Brewed Coffee
Cold brewing is for those days where you’d rather wait 24 hours then boil the kettle. Don’t get this confused with iced coffee (hot brewed then cooled), this stuff just sits in cold water until its sufficiently brewed and can then be drunk cold, or heated up if you prefer. The flavour is different from hot brewed – not necessarily better or worse – just different! This is great for hot summer mornings when you want something you can just grab out of the fridge on your way out. No need for any messing around!

It’s also fun because you can infuse it with a number of different flavours. This Orange and Cardamom version from 10th Kitchen is my current favourite, but there are tons of others you can try.

Iced Tea
A bit more of an obvious one! Iced tea doesn’t have to be sweetened (although you can throw in a bit of honey if you like) so makes a great paleo cold drink option. If you’ve never done it before, it’s super simple. Just make a giant jug full of normal tea with extra bags, and let it cool.

Options and combinations are numerous. Earl Grey with lemon is an obvious one (and better with a couple of raspberries thrown in), but don’t feel you have to stick with a ‘normal’ tea bag. Jasmine makes great iced tea (I really want to try this recipe for jasmine & ginger), and any kind of fruit tea is delicious as well.

So, hopefully I’ve managed to give you a few useful ideas. I’m sure there are tons more suggestions out there – please let us know your favourites!


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