Update – life is taking over!

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that our posts haven’t been very frequent over the past couple of months. We certainly haven’t been keeping up with the new recipes and features as much as we’d like to! So we thought it best to give you a bit of an update to make sure everyone knows that whilst we are a bit busy at the moment with the rest of our lives, it’s a temporary glitch in the well-oiled Alicia/Arifa blogging machine and regular service will resume shortly. We hope.

What’s keeping us so busy? Well…

…Arifa is having a baby (not literally RIGHT NOW, but fairly soon!). So currently is preparing herself for the new arrival and being really quite pregnant. She’s also not sure how cooking and recipe development will fit into her busy food/poo/nap schedule either, so be patient on this one!

…Alicia is attempting to buy a house, and move into it. Which, as she is rapidly discovering, takes a hell of a lot of time up and is a bit stressful. She’s found a house, had an offer accepted and is now mid way through the administrative nightmare. Hopefully the result of a shiny new kitchen will be a lot more cooking enthusiasm, but you might need to wait until she’s carted her belongings halfway across London and put on a few coats of paint. Not to mention sort out all the sodding paperwork.

…As it happens, the move and the baby are due a week apart. We’ll see how all this goes.

So that’s where we are. We’ll post when we can, but no promises! For now, here are a few of the exciting internet happenings we’ve found this week:

  • Our friend Ceri (formerly of Cucina Ceri) has relaunched her website as Natural Kitchen Adventures. If you haven’t already visited then get over there quickly, because as always she has some stunning recipes and lots of paleo-friendly inspiration.
  • Alicia has a slight obsession with poking through other people’s kitchen cupboards, so absolutely loves this series of Kitchen Portraits.
  • We like this idea for a beautiful summery starter of goat’s cheese with chive & pomegranate – very attractive and sounds delicious! We’d swap the bread for some extra veggies though…
  • If you quietly ignore the ingredients list on the plain chocolate you can almost justify these chocolate pots with orange & cardamom… 
  • This isn’t paleo in the slightest and looks like an insane amount of work, but we love the idea of this cake with a message!

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