Update – breakfast meet-ups and being busy

It’s  been a bit thin on the ground with posts recently. Sorry team Paleo, but we just get really busy! So busy that this is currently being written on an iPhone on the Northern line. Its a bit jiggly, and the man next to me is falling asleep. Anyway, posts are going to come your way very soon, with a tasty slightly cheating dessert, a 15 minute prawn dish and finally Arifa’s interview.

What’s kept us so busy?

…Both of us are finding life cold, grey and a bit miserable. We’d like some sunshine please. If someone could sort that out that would be spectacular. We’d practice our handstands in the park.

…We had a lovely Paleo bloggers get together over breakfast, with Ceri (from Cucina Ceri) and Debra (from The Saffron Girl). We ate yummy food, chatted about all things Paleo related and shared a few blogging tips. We’ll definitely do it again, so if you’re a London based Paleo blogger give us a shout and we’ll invite you along! Oh, and we also got on a very London bus afterwards – it was a proper old school routemaster style, and we felt a bit like tourists. Photo below, which made us feel even more like tourists.

…Alicia continued her trend of going slightly off-piste with her workout gear, with these spectacular trousers. Aren’t they amazing? They’ve already proven their worth by delivering a 3kg squat PB this morning. It can only have been the trousers. There is no way anyone could fail to be awesome in these trousers.

…After a week of cycling in what felt like sub-zero temperatures, Arifa has had a well deserved very lazy Sunday.  Although she still managed to squeeze in a necessary but boring visit to Ikea (she’d much rather be CrossFitting but really needed a day off!).  There is currently shin of beef stew in the oven making the house smell delicious (recipe will be posted if it turns out as good as it smells) and a vague plan to bake some paleo banana bread.  That might happen shortly.



One comment

  1. Fab to meet up yesterday – good luck with your steamy camera lenses…..Looking forward to chatting again soon.
    oh and Alicia – those trousers are definitely totally amazing!

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