Random Update – Snow and Rain

Hmmmm… it seems that we’re still fairly busy and our weekly updates are not actually very weekly. So we’ve decided to rename them, and hopefully it will be a nice surprise every time you get one.

The snow has cleared and we can bike and run outside again without too much risk of falling on our arses. So what’s been happening?

…Arifa has spent the week getting utterly soaked in the rain. This makes her hair frizzy and is generally not a good thing, so she’s been drinking large amounts of hot chocolate to make her feel better. Maybe the snow was better after all.

…Alicia is very pleased with her January – she’s been paleo 87% of the time and yes, she is the kind of person who keeps track of these things. Hopefully February will be just as good!

…We’ve found another London based paleo blog (actually she found us!) and are quite excited – check out The Saffron Girl – some really lovely recipes on there.

…Neither of us could make it to the London Throwdown a couple of weeks ago, but luckily our friend Savannah took such amazing photographs that we don’t feel like we missed out too much! Have a look at her Facebook page for some stunning pictures of the action.


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