Chicken, Chorizo & Mushroom Soup

My mother is going to laugh at me when she reads this, because I hate mushrooms. I’ve always hated mushrooms, but now I’ve got to the point where if they’re in something else, I’ll eat them quite happily. I think this means I’m a real grown up now or something. I still hate bananas though. Urgh.

I make chicken soup quite a lot. I usually poach or roast a chicken at the weekend so we’ve got meat for a quick midweek meal, or for lunches at work, and this means I’ve got some decent chicken stock that needs using and lots of tiny bits of chicken that can be rescued from the carcass but aren’t really worth doing anything but soup with. Quite often it’s just chicken and whatever-veg-came-in-the-box soup, but sometimes I get bored and want something a bit different. So I had a rummage around in the fridge, discovered some chorizo that could do with using up, and here we are.

Oh, and this contains the mother of all soup additions – a poached egg. The addition of one of these makes all soups approximately 60% more awesome, but this one really gets quite special. Just think oozing yolk. Om nom nom.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
1/2 a cooking chorizo
1 onion
2 red peppers
4 cloves of garlic
A large handful of mushrooms
A couple of mugs of chicken stock
1 tbsp tomato purée
A turnip (optional, but gives it a bit more bulk. Any root veg will do)
A handful of cooked chicken
2 eggs

First prepare your peppers. You need to get the skins off, which I tried to find a simple set of instructions for on the internet, but failed. I’m writing my own:
1. Cut in half, remove stalk, seeds and white bits. Give them a quick wash.
2. Roughtly flatten (ie pepper meets swiftly descending palm of hand) and place on a baking sheet under a hot grill.
3. Wait until the skin had gone black, blistered and charred, and remove from grill.
4. As soon as you can handle without burning yourself, pull the skins off with your fingers. Cut off any stubborn bits of skin.

Et voilà! Cut into small dice and put to one side for now. None of that rub with olive oil/cling film/fridge for 2 hours bollocks.

Pull the skin off your chorizo and either cut or tear (or a combination of the two) into bitesize pieces. Throw in a large saucepan and heat gently. This should start to release some delicious red paprika/pig flavoured fat – use this to slowly cook your (finely diced) onion until translucent. Add in your peppers and the crushed garlic. If things are getting a bit sticky and you haven’t got enough chorizo fat, throw in a bit of olive oil.

Dice or slice your mushrooms (I go for tiny tiny little bits, because I am still in mushroom denial and like to pretend it’s not happening), and add to the pan. Right now, you have the best scrambled egg addition EVER. Put a couple of spoonfuls of this mixture into the fridge and tomorrow morning mix into breakfast: I 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed.

To continue with the soup, throw in everything else: make sure your chicken is in sensible sized pieces and any root veg is diced. Size is up to you, but remember you’ll be eating this with a spoon…

Simmer for 15 minutes or until everything is soft and delicious looking. Season to taste (your chorizo strength will vary so make sure you taste it first), and you’re almost done.

You could eat it now, but see above comment re: poached eggs in soup. If you’re feeling brave you can poach the egg in the soup; but I usually chicken out (no pun intended) and do it in a separate pan then put it on the soup afterwards. Just make sure that your chosen method allows you to serve it with a runny yolk!




  1. Kathryn · · Reply

    Sounds absolutely delicious and I had never thought of adding an egg to my soup. YUM.

  2. Jillian Clark · · Reply

    This soup is simply fantastic. Try it you won’t be disappointed and the poached egg is an absolutely brilliant addition. Your recipes rock!

    1. Thanks Jillian – since discovering it I now always have eggs in my soup!

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