Paleo People – Alicia

As well as using this site to give you a bit of recipe inspiration, we also want to help spread the Paleo word and show you that actually you can be a completely normal person who just makes slightly different food choices! So we’ll be interviewing a few people we know who have given this Paleo business a try: partially because we want to share their stories and give you all a few more ideas on how other people make this work, and partially because we’re a bit nosy and like asking people questions. Unless no-one wants to talk to us, in which case I’ll delete this in a couple of weeks and we’ll pretend it never happened…

In the interest of fairness we thought we’d go first, so I (Alicia) am starting with myself! If you read this and feel a burning desire to be featured, we’d love to hear from you. Just comment below or drop us a note via our contact form.

20130113-172655.jpgAlicia is 28 and lives in a fairly tiny flat in Clapham, London with her boyfriend. She does the majority of the cooking because she loves it, and has somehow managed to find someone to live with who will exchange cooked meals for washing up. She works full time hours (and sometimes a bit more!) and spends an unreasonably long amount of time at Crossfit Central London, so lunches and sometimes breakfasts are generally eaten in the office and dinners have to be ready in a hurry!

What made you start Paleo, and why did you carry on? I first started about 4 months into Crossfit, and mainly because everyone else was! I attempted a 30 day challenge, hated it, but discovered if I made some changes then things got a bit better. I’ve learned that actually I can avoid the massive energy highs and lows I have when binging on sugar and I don’t have to eat biscuits to stay awake past 3pm. I’ve also discovered that clean diet=weight lost=move faster, which is also incredibly motivating!

How Paleo is your diet at the moment? I’d give myself about an 8/10, and I’m happy with that. I have the occasional treat and usually one cheat meal a week (maybe two sometimes…) but in general, I’m fairly restrained about it. I do eat dairy, but try not to go too over the top with it.

What do you find hardest about sticking to Paleo? For me, meals are the easy part. I am quite happy to have meat and veggies and I don’t really miss the bread/pasta element. The part I really struggle with is sugary snacking. I really, really like sugar in any form and find it very difficult not to crack completely and shovel chocolate into my face. I do absolutely have the occasional treat, but have to be very strict with myself.

How do you manage when you’re eating out? This splits into two parts for me: work lunches and then proper meals out. When I haven’t made a packed lunch (or made one but ate it for second breakfast) My favourite places are Leon or Chilango as both have very tasty and easy paleo options – but get a bit pricey! If I don’t want to spend that much I buy a boring supermarket salad and stick a can of tuna on top.
For actually eating out my most commonly frequented places are Nandos (predictable but true!), GBK, Hache (sweet potato fries!!!), Cattle Grid and Hawkesmoor (pricey but amazing).

What’s your number one tip for making it all a bit easier? Planning! I do this every week so I know I’m already sorted and don’t have to think too much when I get home post work/WOD and need to eat quickly.

What would a week of Paleo meals look like for you?
I can show you! Clockwise from top left…
Slow cooked BBQ pork, green chilli slaw, guacamole
Devon Rose lamb & mint sausages, celeriac mash, globe artichoke & caramelised onions
Beef meatballs, green chilli slaw, guacamole & sweet potato fries
Roast chicken & ratatouille
Watercress, turkey & Stilton salad
Lamb stew & red cabbage
Takeaway from Cattle Grid: Ribs, coleslaw, beetroot & goats cheese plus a few sneaky onion strings…



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