Green Chilli Slaw

I have a mixed relationship with coleslaw, because let’s face it: whenever you order it in a restaurant you don’t really know what you’re going to end up with. It could be some amazing crunchy & tangy exciting mix of veg with a tasty homemade dressing, or it could be some miserable sliced white cabbage and a nominal amount of carrot drenched and bright white mayonnaise. I’ve mentioned my feelings on factory produced mayonnaise before. Urgh.

Anyway, what that tends to mean is me making my own coleslaw. This is one for those days when I can’t be bothered to make mayo, or when I’m making enough for 2 meals and don’t want to leave raw egg in the fridge for 48 hours. The chilli doesn’t make it overly spicy, it just gives it a bit of a warming kick!

Ingredients serves 2, with leftovers. Unless you’re greedy like us…
For the slaw:
– 1/4 green cabbage
– 1/2 small red cabbage
– 2 carrots
– 1/2 red onion
– 1 green chilli
For the dressing:
– 4 tbsp olive oil
– 1 tbsp white vinegar
– juice of 1/2 a lime
– 1 tsp mustard (I used Dijon, but I’m sure whatever you have will do!)
– salt & pepper

Finely slice both cabbages and the onion and grate your carrots. I do all of this in the food processor which makes it a whole heap faster (I sometimes put the onion through the grating part rather than slicing as it sometimes ends up a bit too big otherwise). If you don’t have one a knife and a cheese grater will do the job, but it might take a while.

Remove the seeds from your chilli and finely dice. Mix everything together in a large bowl – I personally just use my hands as they’re easiest! I recommend using a bigger bowl than you think, or you’ll end up with cabbage all over the kitchen…

For the dressing, all you need to do is mix the ingredients together. You can put them in a bowl and whisk, or if you have an empty glass jar hanging around just put everything in there and give it a bit of a shake.

Pour the dressing over the veg, and mix again (hands!) until combined. Tastes best if given an hour or so in the fridge to let the flavours combine. If you leave it a day or so it all goes amazingly purple!




  1. This sounds so good – will definitely have to make it soon!

    1. Glad you like it! Do let us know how you get on.

  2. Hi there! I was curious, but when you say “green chili pepper” do you mean an Anaheim pepper or other variety?

    1. Yes that would work – as long as its green and spicy it will be fine!

  3. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Thanks for this recipe I love it!, I make it on a Sunday and it’s great for lunches all week. Added a peeled, sliced apple last time I made it which was also good.

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