The January Clean Up

Best to own up now – I’ve spent the last week shovelling crap into my face. There was trifle involved, and about half a gingerbread house. Whilst it was great at the time, and I somehow managed to take about a minute off my Helen time post binge (thank you Crossfit Avon for having me to visit!), I feel a bit rubbish now. Bleurgh.

Which brings us on to the title of this post: the January Clean Up. I’m getting my shit together and I suspect quite a lot of you are too (or maybe starting out for the first time) so I thought I’d make a nice condensed guide of some my favourite paleo Internet places for you to read through. I would write my own, but these people have done such a good job I really don’t feel it’s necessary. There’s a lot out there, so I’ve tried to condense it to the most useful!

The best the Internet has to offer for explaining what Paleo actually is – for you and all your colleagues who stare at you like a zoo animal when sitting at your desk eating leftover roast pork for breakfast: Nom nom paleo – simple, concise and awesome. This woman is a genius.

The number one place for explaining all your why and how and what for questions: Robb Wolf. A lot of things to read through here, and as much detail as I would ever need. A fantastic getting started guide too.

About that getting started guide… right here!

The tastiest Paleo recipes: they’re all on our links page – Nom Nom Paleo, PaleOMG and Cucina Ceri are our top recommendations. Plus there’s our recipe list too!

The best read for your daily commute: It Starts With Food. Very easy reading but packed with detail and useful information. This is what I’ve got on my kindle at the moment!

Finally: London Paleo Kitchen’s top 3 tips for getting back into it all:
1. Try something different. Don’t try to step straight back in to your routine and normal meals, but use it as an opportunity to use unfamiliar ingredients and try some new recipes. You could try getting a meat or veg box – then you’ll have to find a way to cook whatever turns up on your doorstep!

2. Get organised! Invest a bit of time in prepping a few meals so you’ve always got something in the freezer ready to go in case of a paleo emergency. Slow cook a joint of meat at the weekend so you’ve got something to take to work for lunch. Make sure you start the week with at least a rough plan and you’re much less likely to end up buying chips on the way home!

3. Don’t get caught up into the all or nothing mindset. If you do have a slip up, remember it is not the end of the world and you haven’t failed. It certainly doesn’t mean that you have wasted all your efforts so far and that it’s not worth bothering anymore; eating one chocolate digestive in a boring meeting on day 5 doesn’t mean you can go on a full on pizza/beer/ice cream bender because you blew your 30 day challenge. All it really means is that you ate a bit of sugar, and you still have 25 days of opportunity to make better food choices. Worry about those instead!



  1. Tip 3 is a good one. It can be really tempting to write off the whole day or weekend just because you have one treat. It’s much healthier to not stress about it and use your very next meal to get back on track. Happy new year!

  2. […] ate a lot and is now getting back on track as part of her January clean up to try and wrestle things firmly back under control. Back to work and the normal routine on […]

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