Weekly Update – Merry Christmas!

So we’ve both been utterly snowed under recently, hence the lack of recipes and slightly rubbish and late weekly updates!  This will be our last update before Christmas, and we’ll be back in the New Year completely refreshed and with a whole heap of exciting recipe ideas for you.  In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to:

…Arifa loves to cycle and often commutes to and from work by bike, however this seems to invite negative comments about the dangers of cycling in London.  So here’s a very sensible article that suggests sitting on your butt, watching television and eating crisps is much worse!

…Alicia is totally awesome and got her first muscle-up!!!  We are VERY excited and may have to eat ice-cream to celebrate.

…This turkey recipe looks utterly insane and we really don’t recommend you try it.  Burning your house down on Christmas day would be a really bad thing to happen.

…We wish you all a very awesome Christmas.  Eat cake, be merry, and be prepared to work off all the excess and indulgence in the New Year.  We’re looking forward to many more muscle-ups and a lot of heavy weights being lifted.  Have fun everybody!


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