Weekly update – we’re a bit crap at updates!

We might possibly have missed last weeks update. And this one is a bit late. Oops! We’re a bit busy at the moment.

…Alicia quite honestly can’t remember anything that’s happened in the last 2 weeks, which is probably why you didn’t get an update last week. There’s not really a lot to say. Oh, I’m watching Die Hard with a Vengeance right now, and it’s awesome. You should watch it again.

…One thing Alicia did do this week is fuel her Sweaty Betty habit with these wonderful leggings. She was tempted to buy the matching top but was worried that everyone would laugh at her for looking like she was working out in her pyjamas (not entirely unreasonable) And held back. However, given that there has been gentle but persistent mocking of the seasonal gym wear anyway (shocking!), should she just go ahead and buy the pyjama style top anyway?

…Arifa is hoping to trial a paleo-style Christmas pudding or cake type recipe very soon, but given how busy she has also been recently you may not see it until next Christmas! Here’s hoping things slow down a little so she can get back to baking, lack of quality kitchen time is making her unhappy.

this site is one of our new favourite places to get recipe inspiration. Have a look if you’re not sure what to have for dinner!

…Now who doesn’t love meatballs? 10 awesome ideas to make them a bit more exciting.

...this recipe looks so damn amazing we’re going to have to try to give it the paleo treatment too. Keep a look out for it soon!


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