Weekly Update – the best steak ever!

This week has been full of fun and excitement!

…We went for a most awesome steak dinner at Hawksmoor with a few of our CrossFit friends. There was nearly 3kg of steak ordered between 8 of us, along with some very tasty side dishes. Most of us agreed that it was probably one of the best steak dinners we have eaten. Oh yes, there may also have been a bit of caramel tart and sticky toffee pudding consumed. Oops!

…We met up with Ceri who also writes a London paleo blog, Cucina Ceri. We had a very happy afternoon eating fish at Fish! in Borough market and talking about food. If you haven’t already check out Ceri’s blog, that lady knows how to cook!

…Apparently girls can’t do pull-ups. We can both prove that theory is utter crap.

…This man is awesome and a real inspiration. When we’re 93 you’ll still find us doing pull-ups at CrossFit Central London. If we’re not dead.

…This man is equally as awesome, but may have taken things a little bit too far…


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