Weekly Update – We are so boring!

Another fairly standard week at London Paleo Kitchen. We’ve both been busy and I think only actually saw each other for about 10 minutes this week (this is unusual for us!). Still, we managed lots of cooking between us…

…Alicia finally got herself together and bought a food processor! It has literally taken years of deliberation but she went for a Dualit. It’s beautiful and she’s now unhealthily obsessed with it. Expect lots of grating/blending/whisking in future recipes, because she now can’t cook a meal without using it.

…Alicia also went for the most amazing Sunday roast EVER (seriously not exaggerating this at all) at The Hope by Wandsworth Common. 6 hours later and she still couldn’t possibly eat a thing.

…Arifa’s ‘two weeks of no dairy’ plan was foiled once again by this. There should be a law against it.

…Arifa has also been spectacularly lazy and has a backlog of things she needs to post on the blog. Sorry about that.  Some of it will get done this week. No really, it will. Really.

…Some fantastic ideas for some dough-free pizza bases here – and no meatza! The cauliflower one is definitely going on our list of recipes to try.

…We’re loving the return of Nigel Slater on TV – Friday nights at 7:30pm on BBC2. He’s by no means paleo but has some fantastic ideas, and if it all gets a bit too sugary you can gaze longingly
at his beautiful kitchen/garden set up. Not that we ever do that. Honest.



  1. Haha I was in Waitrose last week and I spent 5 minutes staring at that icecream debating whether to buy it or not. I walked away and walked back about 3 times but didn’t buy it in the end 😦 was it worth it? I might get some this weekend.

    1. Gary, don’t do it!! It tastes AMAZING so you’ll just want to go and get some more. It’s not worth it dude 😉

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