Weekly Update – CrossFit plus Halloween Ideas!

What an awesome week!

…Arifa went to see the CrossFit Invitational LIVE at the Excel Centre. For those of you thinking WTF is that and why is she so excited – it was a throwdown between the best CrossFit athletes in Europe and the US. Sadly we got our butts kicked by the Americans, but it was seriously awesome to watch the elite athletes in action!

…Arifa managed 5 days without dairy, then nose-dived off the wagon. People need to be more helpful and not offer her ice-cream. Oh well, back on it from tomorrow.

…Alicia got a new snatch PR. Wooohooooo!!

…Alicia went to Paris for a couple of days. There was a lot of art involved, and quite a bit of wine. She’s a bit miserable now she has to go back to work.

…If you’re looking for inspiration for Halloween themed food that’s also paleo, check this out!

…This spooky recipe also looks pretty awesome!

…This risotto recipe is perfect for using up the squash in your veg box! We’re going to try it with cauliflower substituted for the rice and will let you know how it goes.



  1. Pear ghosts look very cool!

    1. I agree, I thought they were a genius idea! 🙂

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