Weekly update – stuff, and indeed more stuff.

This week has been notable for nothing except its general lack of excitement. Sorry, but we’re actually quite boring people and usually do nothing but work, work out, sleep and eat. And cook.

…Alicia finally has a week off, and is spending most of it sat at home being lazy. Maybe the cupboards might get sorted out or something really exciting like that.

…She also went to visit her mother and the lovely people at Crossfit Avon

…Arifa is still very excited that she got three muscle-ups this week. Sorry, that’s the last time it will be mentioned!

…Arifa is also going to try being completely dairy-free for 2 weeks as she’s never actually managed it before, and will let you know how it goes.  It’s an experiment to see if it will help with the snuffly nose that sounds like Darth Vader with a bad cocaine habit. Of course, even if it does that’s no guarantee she’s prepared to give up ice cream for life.

…We think this recipe looks amazing and can’t wait to give it a go. Genius idea! Never would have thought of cooking cauliflower like this.

…There are some great non-pasta noodle ideas right here. Give them a try!


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