Weekly update – it’s freezing!

This week we are mainly sulking, because its cold and miserable. And raining. We went for steak to make up for it. Imagine how whiney and annoying we’ll be when it’s actually winter…

…Alicia ate a bit less crap this week, but could do better. The boyfriend is away, so any volunteers to be in control of the gold stars would be much appreciated. If the same person could also steer her quickly away from Sweaty Betty that would also be great.

…She also can’t walk due to an excess of front squats. Bah.

…Arifa spent the week catching up on The Great British Bake Off.  BIG mistake – she then spent the weekend eating cake because it was all she could think about.  On the plus side, she got a front squat PR this week, so a little celebration may have been required.

…One of the best food blogs out there has had a freezing theme this week: check out The Kitchn for some awesome tips to make life easier.

…We had yet another chat today about how frustrating it is to never, ever, be able to find jeans that fit properly. Crossfit ladies – have you managed to find anything that fits both your waist and your more muscular than average thighs/arse? If so, please put us out of our misery (and ill-fitting trousers) and help us!



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