Weekly Update – More food and a bit of ow!

Another exciting week with lots of tasty food and heavy lifting! Here’s what we’ve been doing:

…Arifa has injured her shoulder because she got too excited throwing kettlebells around at CrossFit. That will teach her not to show off and try to lift heavier sh*t than she can actually manage. On the plus side it means she can eat chocolate, as it’s a well known cure for any type of CrossFit injury.

…Arifa got her first veg box delivery from Riverford and it was awesome. She’s very excited and looking forward to the next one!

…Alicia had a complete paleo fail all week. She’s back on the wagon this week, honest. She also had her first spaghetti squash experience and it was really quite spectacular. Definitely recommended as a paleo pasta alternative!

…We met up with one of the team at Evolve Primal and they gave us free food, how cool is that! The food was very tasty, so if you’re looking for ready-made paleo food check out their website and get your order in.  They also have some great info on their blog page about what to expect when you first switch to a paleo diet.

…We found a new paleo friend also in London, take a look at Cucina Ceri. Some very awesome recipes!

…Check out this fantastic macadamia nut roast recipe – a couple of easy substitutions and it’s totally paleo. We’re going to give it a go!



  1. nick hudgell · · Reply

    Where can you get spaghetti squash in london?!?!

    1. Hi Nick, it turned up in Alicia’s veg box from Abel and Cole! The link to their website is on Our Favourite Resources page if you want to take a look.

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