Paleo in the Cote D’Azur – Part 2

The sun is still shining and it’s hot – we are loving it!  Here’s what we’ve done for the last few days.

Matthew demonstrating how to dive through a ring.  I was convinced he’d miss or his arse would get stuck… perhaps I should have more faith.

We had a VERY disappointing lunch at a restaurant in Antibes.  The menu said chicken, fish and cheese tapas selection.  I had visions of fresh fish and tasty chicken bits, plus yummy French cheese, all served with a nice salad.  We got this – bah!

The walk afterwards made up for it though.

I made another fig tart (recipe coming soon), it was tasty!

I did a WOD – I am so awesome!  Matthew sat around timing me and taking photos, he’s having an exceptionally lazy holiday (not to mention the large amounts of cake he is eating!).   My WOD included squats and walking lunges, as well as handstand pushups, regular pushups, lots of running up steps and burpees by the pool:

Followed by a yummy post-WOD lunch of chicken, mixed salad and a bit of left-over sweet potato. Dessert was this bowl of fruit salad with a little unsweetened Greek yoghurt:

Only one day left and then we go home. But we’ll be back! In the meantime I can practice my French. Matthew is fluent and he is teaching me – so far I have learnt how to ask for an ice cream, obviously very important when on holiday.


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