Weekly Update – holidays and barbecues!

Well, it’s all very exciting around here, with Arifa jetting off and having fun in the sunshine…

…Alicia stayed in all weekend, because she (or more like the boy) was smoking a huge piece of pork in the back garden. It was amazing and completely worth the 9 hour wait.

…The observant among you will notice that day 7 of her week of paleo never arrived: this is because it really wasn’t paleo enough to be worth mentioning. Oops.

…Arifa has been having far too much fun in the sunshine to drag her lazy butt to the CrossFit box in Cannes, so to make up for it there will be hill sprints and a WOD by the pool tomorrow. This may also be necessary to counteract the effects of excessive quantities of ice cream that have been consumed this week.

…We’d like to give this a go as a variation to normal ghee: spiced clarified butter. Huge potential for some spectacular paleo friendly flavour delivery!

Pitt Cue Co looks like it could lead to a great paleo night out. Has anyone tried it?


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