Paleo in the Cote D’Azur – Part 1

Mmmmmm…. sunshine, beaches and mountains.  Yep Matthew and I are on holiday in one of our most favourite places in the world!  Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Handstand practice by the pool (we have our own pool, how awesome is that?!?):

9km run along the canal near the house we’re staying in (I took the picture which is why I’m not in it, and there was no one else around – Matthew was feeling too lazy to run):

A well deserved post-run breakfast omelette with lots of veg and smoked salmon. Yes I ate all of it, Matthew had already eaten his eggs and bacon.

One of our dinners – lamb chops.  These were simply seasoned with olive oil, herbs de provence (we are in France after all), chilli flakes, salt and pepper.  I served these with sweet potato chips seasoned with cumin and black pepper, and a little stir fried broccoli and mushroom.

One of our lunches – paprika chicken and mixed salad with olives and avocado.  The salad dressing was extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, freshly squeezed lime juice, crushed garlic and a sprinkling of black pepper – so simple and it tastes fantastic.  I’ll post the recipe with quantities soon.  Oh yes, there was also Brie, I LOVE cheese!

Lunch at a local restaurant – the fish was awesome, but Matthew could have eaten twice the amount!

Lunch stop during a 13km hike into the hills:

Here’s my packed lunch for the hike.  Yes there was bread, because I am weak and was seduced by the smell of fresh bread when we walked past the bakery.  The filling in the bread is last night’s leftover merguez sausages (I’m not sure they’re completely paleo either!).  The rest of it is paleo though: chicken pieces, a carrot, a pear, apricots and some coconutty banana cookies.

The view from the top – this is why we do this sh*t:

We have found a CrossFit box in Cannes – I’m so excited! If we get time off from lazing by the pool we’ll pay them a visit.

Oh yes, anyone worried about our poor little cats, fear not!  They are being spoilt rotten by a house sitter who feeds them more than we ever would.  They’re probably having more fun than we are.

Right, I have sh*t to do, the pool is looking very inviting and I need to practice my diving and handstands.  I’ll be back with more updates and food soon!



  1. Arifa and Matt – missing you at crossfit! Your holiday looks glorious. Lexi x

    1. Thanks hunny! We’ll be back at CrossFit on Saturday, look forward to catching up x

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