Alicia’s week of Paleo – day 6

I’d love to say I had something wildly exciting for breakfast today that wasn’t eggs – but it was eggs. Boiled this time, again by the amazing boyfriend. Did I mention that he cooks while I’m still in bed so I can get out of bed and eat straight away? He is pretty awesome. I usually get a cup of tea in bed too. I suppose I cook him dinner a lot so it all evens out.

Anyway. I had a second breakfast of Greek yogurt and honey when I got to work, with a couple of pears. And more tea. I snacked on a bit of jerky and some more coconutty stuff (recipe this week I promise, this stuff is awesome). Lunch was a very boring chicken and vegetable soup because I had no time to get anything else.

Being the exciting social butterfly that I am, I was actually out again today (although not so late so I can come home and sit around in my pyjamas writing blog updates). It was another work thing, but this time to a baked bean pop up restaurant on south bank. It was a marketing type deal. Of course I had beans, with fish and some unpaleo chips (picture below) and for dessert I had layered Angel Delight, which came with a popping candy topped biscuit! I also played hungry hungry hippos. It was a bit of an odd evening. Now I’m at home drinking camomile tea and watching the Paralympics. It’s good.

Looking back over this week it’s turned out to be very paleo. I might do another week a bit later! These things vary a bit. Good weeks and bad weeks etc.




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