Alicia’s week of Paleo – day 5

Those of you that have been avidly following my updates will notice that I’m a day late on this one – apologies, I was out late having too much fun and went straight to bed when I got home!

The lovely boy yet again made me a cup of tea and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then I had some fruit (I think an apple ad strawberries) when I got to work.

No sampling today so I had one of my standard work lunches: a huge salad bowl from m&s (I think they’re intended for 2…) with a packed of sliced cooked chicken. I didn’t use the dressing they provided but just threw over some extra virgin olive and a bit of balsamic vinegar that I keep on my desk. Throughout the day I snacked on mixed nuts and seeds, plus a bag of broccoli.

Sadly a very good friend of mine from work is leaving, so I headed out to the pub after work to say goodbye. Admittedly I did have a couple of alcoholic beverages, but then switched to something a bit more sensible (ie water). Whilst my work colleagues seem to have this ability to go out after work without eating and drink heavily for hours on end without needing food, I get to a point fairly quickly where unless I get something to eat, I am going to get a bit grumpy. So we headed to Byron where I had a very paleo friendly skinny burger with extra cheese and jalapeños. I always get annoyed by the fact that they have courgette fries but coat them in flour. Bah.



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