Alicia’s week of Paleo – day 4

Breakfast was pretty much the same as yesterday – scrambled eggs and tasty Devon Rose bacon! Second breakfast (when I got to my desk) was a punnet of strawberries. There were a couple of cups of tea thrown in there as well. Earl Grey just makes mornings better.

Now, today I fell into one of the traps of my job: sampling sessions and the leftovers. So I’m a food buyer, and part of this involves tasting very unpaleo foods. Today I had a meeting about meringues, which involved eating them and being sent up to my desk with a load of little ones. I ate them. All. And I felt rubbish afterwards. Then I went to a meeting about custard. Bah.

Lunch therefore was a boring pret chicken Caesar salad. I even picked out the croutons, as if that somehow made up for shovelling meringues into my face all morning. I snacked on a couple of apples and some jerky. Oh and some coconut fruit and nut bar, recipe to follow!

Then after work I did a rowing/box jump/burpee/kb swing/wallball WOD which I thought wild be awful but was actually quite good fun. I arrived home still sweating, tired and hungry to find an equally sweaty, tired and hungry boyfriend. I managed to knock together a warm chicken salad using various bits and pieces in the fridge: chicken breasts, green beans, lambs lettuce, artichokes and some red onion. The dressing moved it from tasty to spectacular: extra virgin olive, preserved lemon, vinegar, mustard and a few capers. Oh and some fresh basil and parsley. Great big massive flavours to make all the other stuff a bit more fun! Took about 15 minutes to cook/assemble and about 2 minutes to shovel into my face. Whilst watching the Great British Bake Off, which involved yet more meringues! When I grow up could I please be as awesome as Mary Berry?

Oh and sorry the photo is a bit crap. I was really hungry and couldn’t be bothered to get a good one.



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