Weekly Update – CrossFit or not??

So what’s been happening this week?

…Arifa has been inspired by the success of the Crunchy Banana Chocolate Pie and is busy dreaming up more treats. This may not be a good thing as some trial and error may be involved and consequently large amounts of treat will have to be eaten as a test. It’s a sacrifice that has to be made.

…Alicia discovered that purple vegetables are a bit disappointing – purple beans turn green when you cook them, and purple carrots are actually just normal carrots on the inside. But still tasty! She’s also incredibly excited about new Dr Who and is already rewatching the first episode of the new series. Because she is just that cool.

…We keep talking about CrossFit, anyone would think we were completely addicted and slightly insane. Some of you out there will already get it. For others it may sound a bit scary and totally nuts and you probably have lots of questions about it. So we found this article and thought it might help. Our advice? Try it anyway, it is seriously awesome and you will probably never look back.

…The Paralympics are on! It has been another amazing week of sport and we are utterly in awe of all the athletes that have overcome their disability to achieve so much. The next time we whinge about the WOD being too hard, someone give us a slap.

…We’ve discovered another treat this week. We’ve yet to try it but it sounds seriously tasty and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on some.


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