Alicia’s week of Paleo – day 3

And we’re on to the first work day! I eat a lot at work, partially due to habit and partially because if I’m shovelling paleo friendly food into my mouth it becomes really hard to eat any of the chocolate that floats around the office.

Breakfast was cooked for me by my very lovely boyfriend – scrambled eggs, sausage and a cup of tea. Lunch was a Leon chilli chicken salad, and an apple.

Throughout the day I snacked on: another apple, beef jerky, pumpkin seeds, radishes, green beans and some almonds. And a few cups of tea. And a bit of nut butter. Plus loads of water as usual.

Dinner: beef chilli (made yesterday and heated up), guacamole, roasted tomato salsa (also made yesterday, with tomatoes from our garden!) and a heap of salad. Very tasty and ready to go in about 10 minutes.



One comment

  1. That chilli looks good. I probably eat this meal every week, so easy to do!

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