Alicia’s week of Paleo – day 2

In a moment of spectacular organisation, I managed to cook breakfast last night! Nothing crazy, just some apples, pears and frozen berries cooked up with a vanilla pod and a cinnamon stick. I froze 2 portions, and warmed the rest up for some breakfast with a bit of Greek yogurt and the leftover crispy coconut/almond bits from yesterday.

Today was my day for being organised and getting stuff done around the flat, so I put beef jerky in the oven at 9am so I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. Naturally this didn’t make me actually do anything useful, I just sat around in my pyjamas for ages watching crappy tv and eating half cooked jerky. I’m not sure that’s wise.

By lunchtime I’d actually managed to achieve a few things on my to do list, then had leftover watercress soup from yesterday. I ate a can of tuna at some point as well, but I can’t remember if this was pre or post lunch…

Dinner was some kind of eggs benedict/florentine – poached eggs on bacon and spinach with hollandaise. It was a bit of a lazy one as I couldn’t be bothered to make a reduction, but it was ok for a quick Sunday night. Photo below! I made dinner for tomorrow as well, but I wouldn’t want to tell you now and spoil the surprise!

I’m contemplating eating the rest of the strawberries from yesterday, but Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is on TV and I’m enjoying it too much to move. They’ve just served the monkey brains!!!



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