Alicia’s week of Paleo – day 1

I’m not going to start my week by lying to you all – so I’d better admit now that I woke up feeling a bit squiffy this morning. There might have been beer involved. It was nice.

Saturday is the day I start my meal planning, so I thought I better start my week of paleo (ish) food. First thing this morning I had a sit down and merged together the meat box remains in the freezer (we’re in week 3 of a 4 week box cycle) and the veg box and came up with a plan. I bought the rest of the bits and pieces from Sainsbury’s this afternoon, so we should now be set for the week.

For breakfast I had a rather boring omelette, and a cup of tea to help recover from the beer… Then I went to Olympic lifting and picked up heavy stuff – my overhead squats were AMAZING today. We did a little bit of a WOD as well.

After being awesome, me and Arifa went for lunch and made the only logical choice available after doing both lifting and a WOD – Nandos! Half a chicken later I felt pretty super, even thought legs were a bit sore.

Snacks were a couple of these bear roll up thingys.

For dinner I made watercress soup, which ended up with a poached egg and a few bits of crispy bacon on top. Recipe will be up soon! I felt like dessert too, so had a load of strawberries with Greek yogurt and some crispy coconut/almond stuff: just toast desiccated coconut and ground almonds in a dry frying pan, then mix in a bit of honey and let it cool into chewy pieces. Yummy!




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