Weekly Update – Yayyyy, an extra day off work!

Bank Holiday Monday and a whole extra day off work! So did we put it to good use?

…Arifa woke up late, got Matthew to cook lunch, never made it out for the run she’d been planning, and went to watch The Dark Knight Rises. A perfectly lazy and awesome day! There was possibly also ice cream involved at the cinema, but amnesia has set and it’s difficult to recall…

…Alicia didn’t even bother getting out of her pyjamas, and it was a fantastic bank holiday!

…Are you as frustrated as we are by the ‘nut’ milks out there? We mean all those ones that are full of sugar with a nominal amount of nut. Try this instead!

…We’re gobsmacked that people still think these might be healthy.

And finally, we need your help! We’d love to offer more restaurant reviews and recommendations. If you’ve had an awesome paleo meal somewhere, or have a favourite restaurant you go to that serves paleo friendly food, please tell us about it and we’ll post it. You can get in touch with us using this contact form. Your services towards the paleo community will be much appreciated!


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