Arifa’s week of Paleo – Day 7

We didn’t manage to get ourselves any food yesterday (I just picked up enough for dinner on my way home last night), so there were two eggs left in the house this morning. There was almost a fight, then we thought about sharing (seeing as that’s apparently what our marriage vows were all about), but Matthew usually eats five eggs so one wasn’t going to even touch the sides. Finally we decided to make cake with them. Cake for breakfast is awesome and I highly recommend it.

Breakfast – A slice of butternut squash, coconut and ginger cake (look out for the recipe later in the week!) and a cup of tea. Mmmmm… cake!

Lunch – We managed to drag our lazy selves to the supermarket after breakfast and bought food, so lunch was very civilised. I cooked lemon sole with fresh basil, olives and cherry tomatoes, and we had it with a salad and some avocado.

Afternoon snack – a bowl of fresh strawberries.

Dinner – I love cooking long slow things at the weekend.  Today we had slow cooked lamb shoulder joint (another recipe that’s coming soon!) with roasted vegetables and baked sweet potato. We also had 2 desserts – one was this carrot pudding, and the other was stewed apples and rhubarb cooked with a little cinnamon and honey.  One of our neighbours very kindly dropped off a bag of apples from the tree in her garden (and the rhubarb in the supermarket looked pretty good today), so we had a few to use up. I’ll probably chop and freeze the rest of the apples as they’re very tasty and it would be a shame to waste them.

Actually, who am I kidding – we had two desserts because we’re greedy – fact.

So there you go peeps, that was my week of paleo, plus a bit about all the other cr*p that goes on in my life.  Hopefully it was at least a little informative and useful.

I’m handing over to Alicia who will be doing hers very soon!


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