Arifa’s week of Paleo – Day 4

Back at CrossFit this morning – wooohooooo!! I still feel a bit wiped out so I was quite spectacularly rubbish. Today’s Rx weight for the Bear Complex WOD was 45kg for girls and 60kg for the boys. I managed 30kg – not good. Matthew did it Rx and still finished before me. He is my hero, but it p*sses me off that he can throw heavy weights around like they’re nothing. When I grow up I want to be that strong.

Apologies to all the non-CrossFit people who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about!

First Breakfast (pre-WOD) – Fig and banana smoothie with a scoop of hemp protein.  Some people can work out first thing without eating anything. That doesn’t work for me,I’d pass out on the floor mid-WOD, not cool.

Second Breakfast (post-WOD) – Scrambled eggs (cooked at home this morning), smoked salmon, a carrot and coriander muffin, and a handful of red grapes.  My usual cup of tea with milk.  Ok that’s not a cup, more a bucket, but I need the fluid after my workout.

That’s quite a lot of food before 9.30am.

Lunch – Today I had lunch with a friend. Eating out on paleo isn’t easy as you can never totally guarantee what’s gone into your food.  We decided to go to Nandos, which makes it a bit easier for me as they have a choice of salads and sweet potato mash, and obviously chicken.  I don’t know how they make the sweet potato mash and can’t guarantee it’s 100% paleo, but I don’t think it will kill me.  I had a quarter chicken, sweet potato mash and minty peas – it was yummy!

Afternoon Snack –  Another carrot and coriander muffin and a cup of tea, plus a small handful of nuts.

DinnerSpicy beef burgers; butternut squash oven baked with leek, garlic and herbs; and stir-fried courgette, mushroom and santini tomatoes.  I had a couple of lovely medjool dates for dessert, I have a whole pack of them and could quite happily eat the lot in one go, even it makes me puke on the floor afterwards.

Tomorrow I’ve arranged to have a post WOD breakfast with two of my awesome coaches, Naama and Jon. Should be fun!


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