Arifa’s week of Paleo – Day 3

I wimped out and decided to sleep in again this morning, but I woke up feeling awesome so definitely back to Crossfit tomorrow. I’m sure they’ve missed my jibber jabber. I could actually have cycled home tonight but in my rush to leave the house this morning I forgot to pick up my cycling gear. There’s something weird going on in my house, I get up in plenty of time, eat my breakfast and then some kind of time warp happens and I’m suddenly late and have to rush. Very odd. Matthew says it’s because I faff… nonsense!

BreakfastBanana and cinnamon pancakes (I really love these pancakes) and a fat juicy fresh fig. A cup of tea with milk (yeah, yeah, get over it!).

Lunch – I didn’t make any lunch today so I went to Leon and got a Persian chicken salad and a pot of broccoli. According to their website, it’s wheat and gluten free, although I’m not sure what the sauce is made of. I ate it anyway. And I had some fresh blackberries for dessert – I didn’t intend to eat the whole box, but they were very tasty and just disappeared.  That happens to me a lot, I need to learn portion control.

Afternoon Snack – I had three left-over pancakes from breakfast so I ate those with my cup of tea. And I also had the rest of yesterday’s salmon.

DinnerCrispy herb chicken and stir fried vegetables.  I also made some carrot and coriander muffins, they were supposed to be for tomorrow’s breakfast but I couldn’t help eating one.  I didn’t even wait for it to cool down, I’m quite ashamed of myself.

So far so good, but tomorrow I’m meeting a friend for lunch so it may not be as easy.

Nearly bedtime… sleep well peeps!


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