Arifa’s week of Paleo – Day 2

Just in case anyone is wondering why CrossFit wasn’t mentioned yesterday – I’m having a couple of days off as I’ve managed to catch a cold. Normally I would tell myself to man up and get on with it, but considering I got kicked out of weightlifting on Saturday for being rubbish (our coach Sauro was nice about it, but effectively told me to go away and come back when I was feeling better), it’s probably sensible to have a few days off. So that means I get more time to sleep – awesome!

Breakfast – today was more normal in the sense that I was back at work, so breakfast was a quick 2 eggs fried in a little olive oil, and a banana and berry smoothie. I used this smoothie recipe, but replaced the blackberries with frozen blueberries and strawberries.

Mid-morning  – I caved in and had a latte.  Mmmmmm… frothy, yummy milk.  I’m actually lactose intolerant but I’m a bit rubbish at it, sadly I like dairy far too much.

Lunch – I had enough time this morning to chop some veg, so I made a salad with carrot, yellow pepper, cabbage, random leaves and tomatoes.  I was too lazy to make any dressing, but I have a small selection of condiments on my desk at work so I poured on some olive oil and sprinkled on a bit of seasoning.  I had this with left-over turkey from last night.  Plus a handful of red grapes as dessert.

Afternoon snack – half a pack of salmon, and an apple with almond butter (I could happily eat that stuff straight out of the jar!).

Dinner – Pan fried rump steak with a mushroom sauce (the sauce needs a bit of work, it’s not quite right yet, so I’ll post the recipe when I’m happy with it); sweet potato wedges oven baked with olive oil, black pepper and paprika; and stir fried courgette, broccoli, onions and pak choi.  The steak was perfectly cooked… even if I do say so myself.  Matthew is a very lucky man, I must remind him of that.

So what do I do tomorrow??  I actually feel ok although I still have a bit of snot, but I’m missing throwing heavy sh*t around at CrossFit… do I go tomorrow or take another day off to properly get over this cold?


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