Arifa’s week of Paleo – Day 1

When Alcia and I first started this blog, the intention was to keep a food diary for a week to show you what we eat.  We’ve both been putting it off a bit, partly because we’re a bit scared to confess how much food we actually consume in a day, and partly because we’re a bit lazy.

Anyway, I’ve somehow managed to get nominated to do mine first, so here goes.

Breakfast – Unusually for a Monday I was home today so I had a little extra time to make breakfast and had carrot pancakes.  And a cup of tea with milk.  Yes I do know milk is not strictly paleo, but I like it, and tea is seriously nasty without it.

Lunch – stir fried cabbage, broccoli, peas, yellow pepper and santini tomatoes with yesterday’s left-over beef brisket (I’ll post the beef brisket recipe later this week).  I usually just cook the veg in a little olive oil and black pepper and I would normally either stir-fry the veg first thing in the morning and take them with me, or just eat them raw if I don’t have time to cook them.  Oh yes, I had 3 mini plums for dessert.  Here’s a picture of my lunch:

Afternoon snack – a banana, some berries and a handful of almonds and brazil nuts.  More tea with milk (I love that stuff!).

DinnerOrange and ginger pan fried turkey steaks; roasted courgette, onion, green pepper and mushrooms; and oven baked carrot and parsnip chips.

A successful first day – yayyy!  I’m off to bed.



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