Weekly Update – It’s a bit toasty around here…

Oh my god it’s hot. We’re really enjoying this and taking the opportunity to finally get a bit of barbecue action on the go! We’ve been waiting long enough…

So what happened?

Alicia managed to find the only bit of rain in London and get very, very wet. Even hiding under a tree didn’t help very much.

Arifa baked some seriously rubbish apple and ginger cookies and is a bit pissed off at the waste of a sunny hour that could have been spent lazing in the garden.  That recipe might need a bit of tweaking.  Or maybe just throw it out and start again.

The Great British Bake Off is back! Tuesdays at 8pm now provides 60 minutes of your finest food pornography. It’s just a case of waiting to see who will be this years Mary-Anne, ie under appreciated baking genius. Sorry, that was very un-Paleo. Won’t happen again!

We think this roasted macadamia butter would be just as good without the sugar, and we might give it a go…

And this article about the benefits of chocolate nearly had us running out to the corner shop – until we noticed that some of the research was funded by chocolate-maker Mars.


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