Weekly Update – The Best Olympics Ever!

Wow!!  Another exciting, inspirational and jaw-droppingly awesome week of sport.  Huge respect to every single one of the athletes competing in the games whether they won a medal or not.  There were some scary looking accidents, but so many of the athletes carried on despite their injuries – amazing!  When we get injured we cry a bit and then head home for a sit down and a cup of tea.

The Olympics may be over, but we still have the Paralympics to look forward to and they promise to be just as exciting.

So what other stuff has happened this week:

  • Eat, Fast and Live Longer – an interesting programme about the benefits of intermittent fasting on our health.  Watch it if you can.
  • Alicia did too many lunges and is now regretting her decision to store all of her saucepans at ground level. Ouch.
  • Arifa did a bad thing and made this very un-paleo (except for the strawberries obviously) cake for dessert today:

  • And finally, this story has absolutely nothing to do with anything, except it made Arifa almost pee her pants laughing on the train.

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