Peach Lemonade

A refreshing drink for a hot day! It takes a bit of preparation but is really tasty. I’d say this does about 8 generous glasses, depending on how strong you like it!

4 peaches (or nectarines)
2 tbsp honey
Juice of 6 lemons
Handful of mint

Roughly chop the peaches (remove the stones, but no need to peel) and add to a small saucepan with the honey and 500ml water. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 5 minutes.

Leave to cool for 15 minutes or so, then blend until all the bits of peach are puréed. Sieve to remove all the pieces of skin, then mix in the lemon juice.

Leave in the freezer to cool. To serve, dilute with equal parts of water (or more, or less – completely depends how you like it!), then add some torn mint leaves, a few slices of lime and some ice.



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  1. […] new summer recipes coming along. For the meantime, a few summer favourites from our archives are peach lemonade, coconut ice lollies and tasty sage & onion burgers for the BBQ. Do you have any favourite […]

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